Dr. Randi Raymond


Integrative Medical Doctor, Founder & Director

Dr. Randi has over 20 years of experience in both eastern and western medicine. She has created a healing environment and assembled a fantastic team to help guide you on the path to thriving health. 

Marisa Pollock


M.A., LGSW. Psychotherapist.  

Marissa has extensive experience helping clients overcome trauma, grief, PTSD, body image, addiction, anxiety and depression. She  is trained to use various treatment methods such as Dialectal Behavioral Therapy  (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family therapy and play therapy. She offers a holistic approach in a non-judgmental setting. 

Dr. Vladimir Mata


Dr. Mata is part of our concierge medical program offering a wide variety of western medical treatments from his neighboring clinic. Treatments include Vitamin IV therapy, PRP, Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, Cosmetic Procedures, Neural Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Laser Treatments and more.

Seth Back


LMT, MTI. Seth is a clinical body worker, energy medicine specialist, plant medicine educator and lover of all things outdoors. He has been a trusted guide and member of the Eden team and has helped many guests on their journey.

Hali Love


 Hali is a life coach, yoga teacher trainer, mentor, retreat leader and inspirational being. She has been a contributing member to our team since it’s inception. Hali is honored to share her story with you and support you through your personal transformation.

Ryan Deitrick


Ryan is a surfer, adventure guide, and plant medicine educator. He has enjoyed the pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica for over 6 years and embodies the laid back nature loving vibe that is found here. He is a trust worthy guide with years of tour experience. 

Pablo Gallardo


Pablo Gallardo is a pioneer in Anadenanthera peregrina medicine treatment, also known as Yopo, He has successfully helped thousands of people recover from abusive conditions associated with addictions to stimulants or other psychological conditions.

The grandfather José Antonio Bolívar, the senior shaman of the Piaroa people of Venezuela, started Pablo Gallardo in 2011. Since then, 8 years ago, Pablo has been carrying Yopo medicine as his healing service. Yopo is a snuff derived from Anadenanthera peregrina (containing 5-Meo-DMT) and Banisteriopsis caapi (the root of ayahuasca that contains an MAO inhibitor). Together they create an experience of consciousness expansion. According to the Piaroa shaman, this medicine generates a great awareness of current and future environmental, social and personal circumstances. 

Olga Fernandez


 Olga comes from the heart of our nearby jungle farm Bijagual and is the heart center of Eden’s culinary experience. Our hospitality mama, she accommodates any demanding diet restriction while still serving up Costa Rican classics for guests and even our furry friends to enjoy. Don’t miss her gallo pinto, flaxseed pancakes, baked plantain sandwich, and the daily special fusion dish.

Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold


 An ordained Sufi minister and published author, Jude’s academic credentials include B.S. and M.S. in Nursing and Ph.D’s in Educational Psychology and Natural Medicine. Believing in the body’s ability to heal itself, she has been educating her clients for 30+ years on how to make their own medicines out of food, exercise and attitude. Her expertise is in changing behavior patterns, digestive reprogramming, distance healing and transitional care. 

Grommets & Furry Friends


Our grommets are Dr. Randi’s kiddos. When present at Eden they are skilled art & activities directors, lego building experts, and occasional wisdom dispensers. Eden boast a fun and friendly crew of furry friends our chubby chihuahua Peanut & snuggly kitten Tigress. They help guests connect, relax with some petting, and feel at home in our intimate setting. However, they can also be tucked away for any reason in order to accommodate guest’s request. 

Team Corazon


It truly takes a tribe to make this all happen and there are many members behind the scenes that make help make the magic happen. During your stay you will have the chance to work with a variety of staff members and allies in healthcare both on and off site.